Quality Control from Sourcing to Delivery |


  Sourcing your Products

DeaiGems is not only the professional supplier of jewelry materials, findings and tools but also the considerate provider of allaround services, which ensures an rigorous quality control of your products and the unbeatable price. DeaiGems also works with the best and most trusted manufacturers throughout China, selected for quality of their products, reputation, reliability, and whether they share our passion for serving customers like you.


  Processing your Product Order

Once you complete order, your friends at DeaiGems spring into action and immediately begin processing your order. One reviews the details of your order, checking for all the information you should till out, while another speeds off to pull the inventory from our shelves.


  Packing your Products

Items are always carefully inspected for any manufacturing and design defects before theyre shipped off to ensure that the item you fell in love with online is the item you receive from our courier. Only then does the team move on to packaging the order and make sure your favourite items are carefully wraped and packaged. Next, its handed to our trusted and verified couriers.


  Tracking your Products

Even if your product leaves our doors, we are still here to help. DeAi Gems Customer Service team is always working behind the scenes to address your every need and query. We track your shipments and are available at your convenience to answer any questlbns by live chat.


  Timely Delivery Service

Wordwire and Timely Delivery Shipping.